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By Thomas F. (anonymous) | Posted May 01, 2008 at 00:38:29

If you base your knowledge of what is happening on the tube, mainstream news, on the "what is popular", or on an analysis of some financial scenario of the past, you are probably wrong. Fear keeps most of the population from inquiring into the really scary scenarios. A case of treason? Find out what Daniel Estulin, Richard Gage, Alex Jones, Greg Palast are trying to say. Given some understanding by Carl Yung, Erich Fromm, David R. Hawkins, my bet is most will continue in denial. Unfortunately some of those that at least see some of the coming tidal wave are just posturing themselves to get rich on those that perish. The epitaph for America could read, sucker punched by those entrusted while remaining too ignorant to even realize they are on the floor!
Too bad!

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