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By A reader (anonymous) | Posted November 20, 2006 at 18:28:05

Two things.

1) It is unfortunate you chose to focus on obesity as a scientific example of energy balance. While simple energy-transfer and chemical processes are strictly subject to the laws of thermodynamics and chemistry, complex organic systems like mammalian bodies are not.

To say nothing of the extreme stress North Americans must face from the man-made chemicals in our air, water and food. Want to know about rising obesity, disease and psychological dysfunction in our society? Look to "better living through chemistry" for a large part of the answer. The "starve and exercise" mantra is just a way to separate the most vulnerable victims from their money and provide sanctimonious weapons of mass distraction from the systemic poisoning of our bodies and minds.

2) I believe the most accurate analysis of humankind's truest grasp of all things cosmic has been provided by the one of the Hammer's own greatest philosophers, Harold Green. To quote- Now for the Experts portion of our show, where we examine those three little words men find so hard to say (audience joins in) "I DON"T KNOW!".

The sooner both scientists and religious types admit this simple truth to themselves and others, the sooner the world will be at peace and free from mad, uncontrollable world-scale experiments.

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