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By Hummerblog (anonymous) | Posted April 30, 2008 at 08:08:19

We had an oil crisis in the 70's. It too was manufactured by the powers that be to try to squeeze every petro penny from the consumers. The world adjusted.
This one, albeit different, has so many similarities. Some federal MP's and journalists have been describing the real reasons behind the hikes, as well as global demand, and the reasons sound surprisingly like they did in the '70's!
Peak oil?

There is enough oil to outlast many generations, unless we blow ourselves up in its pursuit.
By the time it really does diminish as a commodity we will be onto something else that will create huge wealth for the megabillionaires.

So, sorry all of you who love doom and gloom as a way to change the world....the world IS changing without your pessimism, or mine for that matter!

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