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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted April 25, 2008 at 12:33:59

Wow Jalb92, I guess reading comprehension ain't your strong suit. I guess you missed this part,

"The truck is not a truck anymore. It is a fashion accessory, a declaration of personality and values, a sex symbol, and compensation for low self esteem for those who confuse the terms 'tough' and 'mean'. ...

"Perhaps 15 percent of truck purchases can be defended, and these are overwhelmingly by contractors and farmers."

No need to wonder if he's "from the city, lol", by the way.

"Critics may pan the 'theoretical' nature of this essay. That would ignore some 2,000+ hours of off-road driving experience I accumulated during my youth in northern Ontario. As any northerner knows, the performance of real off-road vehicles such as dirt bikes, ATV's and skidders will thoroughly embarrass the most capable of four-wheel drive trucks and SUVs."

Oh, one more thing,

"Dr. Ted Mitchell is a Hamilton resident juggling life as a physician, parent, and mechanical engineering student at McMaster University."

I'm guessing he makes more money working one day a week as a doctor than you make working full time.

So how about a little less "hate" and maybe try actually, lol, "reading" the article before saying silly things about it.

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