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By nowhere to go (anonymous) | Posted November 16, 2006 at 16:45:13

Thoroughly enjoy reading stuff on this site but I'm a little worried or anxious as to what is to become of those of us that aren't farmers but don't enjoy living in densely populated areas and at the same time enjoy some of the other benefits of larger cities? Top this off with my love of not just the automobile but the kind that is generally vilified as being gas guzzling and dangerous (who doesn't like a good thrash on a racetrack, not the street, or watching Formula 1?). Let the commuters who don't know the joy of bringing a vehicle anywhere near it's limits or have never gone on a cross country road trip (good but not the same by train) have their Smart cars. I've heard arguments on both sides of the scarily dwindling natural resources debate, not fully convinced of either side and I certainly don't think that we haven't the capacity that when the need strikes to finally make a commercially viable alternative source of energy available. Not convinced on the complete twowayification of Hamilton's streets either, maybe someone should fix those heroically stupid people that insist on crossing any street as if only they exist in the world? Perhaps James St. is a bad example but traffic flow there is ridiculous now, maybe it's bad planning.
Anyway, been lurking for a while so I felt like I should say something in my defense so someone can help me point to where someone with my preferences fits ;)
BTW, totally opposed to sprawl, love nature (formal education in biology among others), voted Fred and McHattie, think people by Mac should suck it up a bit (someone already asked if they'd prefer to have Stelco or Mac in their back yard). Totally convinced Hamilton could be much greater than it is or the way people perceive it, and attempting to do my bit.

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