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By jason (registered) | Posted November 15, 2006 at 17:25:26

I too have heard that, but can't really answer you definitively. I do know that taxes are dirt cheap on empty buildings and parking lots which is why you see so many along Barton and in the core. Taxes are insane downtown and along Barton, Cannon etc.... it's slowly been coming down in recent years, but nowhere near as cheap as the taxes in the meadowlands or other suburban developments. This is what I can robbery. Once the city gets taxes equal or even lower downtown, you'll see a massive revitalization similar to what is now happening in Buffalo, NY. Hopefully our new mayor will work with council to help them see this. Until now, we've had mayors who support the unfair tax system because it benefits the homebuilders out in the sprawl projects. As we've said before on RTH, we think downtown will thrive if just given a fair chance. To keep robbing and stealing from the core and then wondering 'why won't it turn around?' is ridiculous and ignorant.

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