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By Higgledee piggledee (anonymous) | Posted April 12, 2008 at 11:00:03

Hamilton & the GHA is the last place on Earth that I would invest in as an entrepreneur. By-laws that are either over-enforced or not enforced at all, will-o-the-wisp accountability, back room deals.. Who in their right mind would sink money & effort into a morase like that? Boss Hogg lives.

(No wonder the Maple Leaf plant didn't have a chance.;-) Of course, neither did Famous People Players.

But people in rural areas do have a right to protect their environment, & their homes.(Has anyone noticed the movement of those 'Green Space' billboards along the 403? Has anyone noticed that if you take the next exit from one of those billboards, you just might find new homes, or business's being built right behind those signs? ) It's all just window dressing, & why would anybody take it seriously?

If we want to develop, Take It Downtown! If we want to develop, for goodness sake adopt the same attitude that good parents do.
"Be Fair & Be Consistent!"
(Nobody wants to sink $$ into 'a pig in a poke'.)

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