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By adrian (registered) | Posted November 14, 2006 at 16:07:42

Tybalt, I completely agree re. RIM. Note that I said (that was my anonymous comment above) that:

"I come across Hamilton businesses every day in the technology and design sector that are poised to be world-beaters, a rise that would be easier with a little more help from the city."

I'll give you a concrete example: Factor[e] Design Initiative on James Street ( This small design studio is booming and it does business with some very large companies in North America and Europe. They are poised to grow quickly and with the right incentives it could be a lot easier for them.

If the hundreds of millions that have been spent on bailing out big corporations and building megaprojects in this city were diverted to companies that are already humming along - companies that are the future of our economy, not the past - we could see great things in this city. We already are.

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