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By William (anonymous) | Posted April 11, 2008 at 22:24:07

The answer is that many Hamilton Staff and Council have no general idea about how to attract business. Economic Development and City Staff are so far off base on things that is why things never work out.

Spending money on servicing plans, go no-where directionless marketing ideas, biased studies which cost millions, and talk of hypothetical lists of businesses wanting to move to Hamilton, various people stating "if we do this or this", and going on trade missions and out of country conferences which do little to actually benefit the City does not work.

Why not just listen to citizen groups who may have better ideas, focus on existing business here and help them expand, develop on brownfield sites, say no to developers who really only have their best interests in mind, and look at privatizing non-essential municipal services and let the true free market alleviate problems.

The more I see things here, it is like we are living in a false economy with poor decisions being made all of the time and continual wasting of money taking place.

From what I have read in the papers, on this website and heard on the radio, there seems to be only a small number of the "Power Brokers" who can actually fix the problems of this great City, let's get on with it.

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