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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted April 11, 2008 at 17:21:51

Thanks for posting this Ryan. Like most people I may never have gotten round to reading the actual report...

It does appear as if the debate has now been framed into simplistic terms: BRT = flexible, LRT = expensive: discuss. I wonder if the Spec will take this easy route...

Have we tried to contact the authors? I would be interested in hearing their explanations for the blatant use of soft language and the omission of hard data when citing potential LRT benefits. The passive voice has no purpose in a report such as this. It's facts the reader needs not suppositions.

I wonder what council's appetite is for LRT? I can't help thinking they won't have the nerve for it. Why risk next term's election on an issue no-one is clamouring for and something that might take years to come to fruition? I think it's too big for them.

Having said that the provincial cash is certainly there and, if someone could be contracted to produce a decent report, the case is certainly there for it too.

I wonder if the Center for Community Study could be engaged to produce a more detailed report? (you will recall Bob Bratina got council's approval for these folks to research thew VIA station placement and they put together an excellent presentation).

Let's hope this issue gets some enlightened debate.

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