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By jason (registered) | Posted April 11, 2008 at 16:36:22

FYI... "suits" will use LRT. They won't use BRT. How convenient to hop on an LRT which comes every 5-6 minutes to the downtown GO Station for the morning train to TO...or better yet, to the office job at King and James. LRT is more superior on every level. Scrap the unnecessary and expensive tunnel idea and do proper research on LRT and it will be an easy choice.

My A-Line routing idea: south on James to Charlton, east on Charlton with a stop at St. Joes and a stop at Ferguson Ave. Then it can curve up onto the Claremont Access in an LRT-only lane. At the top of the Claremont, the rampway that runs along the escarpment towards West 5th, and is always devoid of traffic, can be closed and turned into a transit-only area (how wonderful for the residents there who would enjoy peace and quiet for the first time in decades). The trains would run to Mohawk College, east on Fennell to Upper James and out to the airport. Our city is small and compact enough to allow for both the A and B Line to be LRT. The LRT could run both ways on northern edge of the Claremont Access resulting in the removal of 2 of the 4 lanes. That still leaves 3 lanes northbound (with one exiting to Wentworth) and 2 lanes southbound to Upper James for cars.

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