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By adrian (registered) | Posted November 14, 2006 at 15:00:41

It's the underdog mentality that says Hamilton can only succeed with "more roads, more industrial parks". From this perspective, Hamilton just can't do better than reliance on roads for transportation and heavy industry for our economy.

The problem is that heavy industry has been in decline in Hamilton for years, with drastic consequences for some parts of downtown. I'm proud of the industry we have here, but we face tough times ahead if we rely on it for economic growth, with the growth of Asia's manufacturing sector especially.

Building roads has also not improved the lot of most of Hamilton's citizens, that I can see. The Linc helps me get to Carmen's a little quicker when there's a function I need to attend, but do we have hard numbers indicating what kind of economic benefit Hamilton has reaped from this roadway?

Hamilton would do better focusing on improving the quality of life in the city to attract new investment by quality companies, and it makes more sense to look to the future for economic growth: technology, education and biosciences are all areas that the city already excels in.

Look at the remarkable success of Research in Motion, based in little Waterloo. Are you telling me Hamilton can't attract businesses like RIM? I come across Hamilton businesses every day in the technology and design sector that are poised to be world-beaters, a rise that would be easier with a little more help from the city.

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