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By jason (registered) | Posted April 09, 2008 at 11:04:22

this is so typical. our EcDev guys make big speeches about the 'lack of shovel ready land' being the thing that's holding us back.
No it's not. We've had a TON of shovel-ready land opened up in recent years along the QEW, Linc, Red Hill and 403 extension. Funny thing....all of those spots look identical now - pointy tops of homes as far as the eye can see. Our huge list of companies beating down the door to come here was reduced to one - the afformentioned pig plant. It should come as no surprise that Maple Leaf gave up trying to find a Canadian locale for that plant. I guess people in other Canadian cities weren't enamoured with the idea of a pile of filth being built in their backyard anymore than Hamiltonians. The nerve.

We always knew who the "list" consisted of. And they're loving every minute of it now.

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