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By JesseJames (anonymous) | Posted April 06, 2008 at 07:38:19

If am not mistaken there never was a black american president. In my own opinion also, America became a world power because all along it was governed by white americans. The original americans are whites never were they blacks. I do not see any good reason why americans should try a black man to govern america. Whites in america is a majority. I find it not only absurd but foolish of americans to allow themselves to be governed by a miniority black. Americans should look around worldwide. Countries that used to prosper with white governments are starting to crumble when blacks took over. We see these happen in Africa.

If americans no more like the Republicans, they should switch or vote into power the Democrats. Likewise, Democrats black or white should go Clinton because she is the strongest contender in the race for presidency. Obama is too weak to run againts the white Republican Mcain because white voters are a majority in America. It would be therefore the worst blunder for the Democratic Party to support Obama's bid for presidency.

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