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By Lora-Lee (anonymous) | Posted April 04, 2008 at 20:10:34

This article fairly disgusted me.

I can't believe you're still spouting the sort of enraptured Obamania optimism crap that we were all, for good or ill, so comprehensively exposed to for a month or so after the Iowa win. Get over it - Obama is not a messiah. He is finesse, rhetoric, and the product of a vigorous anti-establishment movement in the Democratic party - nothing more. It is evident that even the American news media has generally put the messianic portrayal behind them. I'm rather disheartened to see that you have not.

To suggest that Obama is above vituperation is hopelessly ingenuous. Every vague remark, every doubt expressed as to the practicality of Obama's platform or his qualifications to serve as national leader has been spun beyond reason into a racially loaded attack. This is politicking of the lowest order and certainly on par with the most invidious tactics of the Clinton campaign.

To call Clinton a moderate Republican is absurd. She is indeed an establishment candidate, but the establishment which she represents is unmistakeably Democratic. If you cannot understand this, and the distance at which Obama stands from the Democratic core, then you really are not fit to be commenting on American politics.

In sum, your naiveté here is laughable.

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