Comment 20777

By Superman (registered) | Posted April 04, 2008 at 15:27:53

Nobrainer, you accuse me of the same closemindedness you yourself demonstrate exhibiting the same quality your name describes and jacksquat, you are exactly that. The graphs Ryan posted actually show the "cooling trend after from 2000. Get your facts from more than one source before you accuse others of not doing that! I'm not making up facts and the places I choose for information are simply the opposite of what you embrace and therefore must be right wing and made up. Riiiight! Get a life! Being an idiot with your head up your rear thinking that the climate debate is an incredibly smart thing! You pull facts that back up your opinion, I do the same for mine! Instead of calling others names because they don't agree with you, maybe you should do a little more reading...from places other than your pet websites!

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