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By Superman (registered) | Posted April 04, 2008 at 11:44:10

Ryan, if there's debate there's no consensus. That'd be you, citing something that supports your prejudice. Where do you get that the models understate the effect of global warming? I've seen 2 major models one under, one above actual observations. As far as Al Gore, he's not the only person I feel has no place making assertions about something like this. I am a civil engineering technologist and even though I might've done tonnes of research on how to do heart surgery, I don't tell a heart surgeon how to do the operation! THere are far to many scientists venturing outside of their fields when it comes to this.

Also since you mention Siberia, take a look at an article at about Lake Baikal and warming trends for the previous 800,000 years according to scientists. It shows that although we're in a warming trend, it's not as warm as it has been in previous centuries and it's not changing as rapidly as it has previously as well. I remain firm in my view that the human effect has drastically been overstated!

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