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By Superman (registered) | Posted April 03, 2008 at 13:47:21

Jason, I don't know how to put links on here.... Here goes:

"h t t p :/ /www"

It's a study by Hemson Consulting Ltd done in July 2003.

I believe that someone posted a thing about the bike lockers on here in a separate thread.

Thanks, Ryan. Data used in the paper ends in 2005. (Reference No. 3). I don't think that the data from the Aqua satellite is publicly available. My issue arises from the use of the terms "global warming" rather than "climate change". Trends in the last 8 years are mostly even and cooler than global temps in the late 90s. Not to mention that the winter this year broke many records and turned out to be one of the coolest in recent history and the ice caps actually got thicker. Seems like cooling to me. This of course could be a result of air pollution as well but the global warming/sinking of the world alarmists drive me nuts.

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