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By Superman (registered) | Posted April 02, 2008 at 10:39:35

Nobrainer, did you not do what I suggested? There are many well known and well versed climatologist who don't believe that Al Gore's science is correct. For once, before mouthing off for the sake of reading what you want to write give me something to look at. A "few" tends to be many when you look into it. You seem to want to do much more than point and thinks you protest to much. btw, I haven't seen you actually refute anything which would be why I say nothing worthwhile has been stated by you. Give me something to look at, try change my mind if you think I don't know what I'm talking about instead of assuming with a pretentious attitude that you know more than me. Also, you seem to have drawn a conclusion about evolution. Are you taking someone's word for it? Or are a closet evolutionary scientist and dedicated 10s of years to research? I think we've opened a can of worms here that has strayed WAY off topic. From now on, I'll try not to react to posts about my integrity or the integrity of my research and only answer statements directly related to the Hammer!

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