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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted April 02, 2008 at 10:28:31

Superman Super-Said, "Highwater, you don't even want to start the evolution debate because there wouldn't be enough water to drown yourself in!" So thanks for confirming right off the bat that you are, in fact, a total scientific illiterate. The science of evolution is SO broad, SO deep, SO multilayered, and from SO many different ways of looking at it that the ONLY way you could do "6 years" of studying and somehow come away not believing it is if you "studied" under some creationist nutjob instead of actual, you know, scientists. There are basically zero actual scientists who think evolution is wrong, and basically zero peer reviewed publications that accept papers denying the theory of evolution.

The theory of human-caused climate change is not QUITE as comprehensively established as the theory of evolution, but only because it's much younger. So far pretty much all the studies -- also from all kinds of different sources and methods -- is that humans producing greenhouse gases are significantly effecting global temperatures and the climate. Nearly every peer reviewed paper on the climate published in the past couple of decades supports this theory.

The so-called 'evidence' against climate change (like increased solar radiation) have all been discredited, except in right-wing echo chambers and email chain letter in boxes. Sure, there are a few scientists out there who don't believe climate change, just like there were a few holdouts who didn't believe the germ theory long after Pasteur published his research, just like there were a few holdous who didn't believe evolution long after Darwin published his research, just like there were a few holdouts who didn't believe the big bang long after Hubble proved the universe was expanding. The facts ain't on their side.

No need to take Al Gore's word on this, he's just listening to the scientists - who all agreed by the way that the science in his movie was correct.

I "didn't point out anything worthwhile" because there's nothing to really do with your big stream of garbage but just point and laugh.

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