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By Superman (registered) | Posted April 02, 2008 at 09:50:11

Highwater, you don't even want to start the evolution debate because there wouldn't be enough water to drown yourself in! Probably because I studied it for 6 years!

Nobrainer, you live up to your name! I don't think you've pointed out anything worthwhile yet! Timothy Birdnow happens to be a link I found AFTER i posted what I wrote before. In fact, I didn't even use any of his research mostly because I didn't know about the guy - simply posted the link. Oh and what exactly are Al Gore's credentials? Last time I checked he graduated from Harvard with a BA in government...that has a lot to do with climate and sounds a lot like the word "science"! Want more links? Visit the other one I posted. Lots of links there from EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS and how about you check out the Canada Free Press? Try googling Al Gore science and see what comes up! Don't tell me his blather is anything trustworthy! A doctor doesn't tell an engineer how to build a building and neither should scientists from other fields make statements about climate when their field has nothing to do with climate anyway! Oh and I don't know any better?!! I suppose you do because you do what?? Oh, spew the same crap that Al Gore and scientists who have no business commenting on tell you you should believe! Now that's a lot different then what you accuse me of doing! Research for yourself the data that the Aqua satellite has come up with and draw your own conclusions for once!

And Jason, you're talking about people of two different ilks. People who build nice gallerias with underground parking and such are usually people who are trying to invest in a community. Those building manufacturing or industrial plants have only their bottom line to think about and will not make a move until it's certain that they will benefit from such a move. I don't know if there are any industries interested in building there because I'm not working at the city and don't get to see that kind of thing anymore. What I'm saying is wait. The RHVP isn't 100% completed yet, give it time. Once I see houses and not businesses going up, then I get pissed! Has the zoning changed in that area?

Goodsie, we don't even have an LRT to transport humans yet, what would make you think that we'd have one that could both transport goods and humans? Remember What about Bob? Baby steps! Also, 9% grade would mean blasting quite a trough in the escarpment. 9 metres for every 100 is not enough to make it up the escarpment in any remarkable way. Also, I'd be curious about the efficiency of that endeavor. I would think LRTs should be a transit option not necessarily a viable mode of transporting any significant quantity of goods. I will look it up but as construction season starts soon, I'm kinda busy. If I can, I'll comment on what I find.

Thanks Serious!

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