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By superman (registered) | Posted April 01, 2008 at 15:36:15

Funky and unreferenced?? Google it, you'll find it... I don't do my research all at once, I read what I can when I can and it's usually during slower times at work. That'd be why I couldn't take the time to do all the referencing. Instead of listening to crack scientists and sheep who can't do their own research, I much rather do my own. In fact, I believe if you read my thingy, it says to google it.

"Same blather"? I wouldn't know... I don't care who says what I should think, I enjoy thinking on my own. I don't give a rat's hairy a$$ what Al Gore or David Suzuki or whoever the oil gurus are tell me I should think, I would much rather formulate my own opinion based on things I read from as many media sources as possible. Perhaps instead of only reading what supports your own ideal you should occasionally head over to the dark side and read what they have to say - it helps in formulating a more rounded opinion. As far as arbitrary start dates??? what start dates? At least you managed to have enough of a brain to call it climate change... I'm not on anyone's side but I definitely don't think that there's enough data for anyone to go spouting about how our daily decisions can so greatly affect the climate that we should halt anything deemed as harmful by lobbyists.

I'm all for being environmentally conscious and I recycle/compost more than the majority of people I know. I drive a small car and try to minimize the amount that I drive.

Now Jason, ever been involved in planning a large corporate project? Any idea of the timelines and considerations involved??? I've been there, done that. Building the cookie cutter houses and boxy walmart plazas our city council is so fond of doesn't take any planning. I've also been involved with SDM projects when they built their many new shops here in the Hammer and elswhere all at once and it's all one design modified only slightly for site conditions. Moving a business or even establishing one means decisions that have the potential to drastically effect the bottom line and they're never taken lightly.

LRTs would be great and I would love to see some built they transport goods? Can what's in a transport truck be transported via LRT up the escarpment? No... So something had to be built to get them off the city streets in this case, highway 20. I'm not a fan of building highways and roads indescriminately but I'm also not a head-in-my-rear environmentalist who blindly opposes highways. Bitching about a highway that's built now is counterproductive and is crying over spilt milk. It's built and although it seems to have followed the antiquated way of the city we live in and MAY turn out to be unnecessary in the future, doesn't mean that whining about it will solve it. What needs to happen now is having an LRT or two built and what the heck happened to Mayor Fred's ideas for downtown?

For a change, instead of whining and complaining and pointing out things that HAVE been done wrong, get involved with things early in the planning stages. That's the only way things can be changed in this city. And why not try holding city council and our bureaucracy accountable for what they do?

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