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By jason (registered) | Posted March 31, 2008 at 17:20:11

superman...every light rail line that I'm aware of has had condo/office/hotel/restaurant being built DURING the construction of the nearby LRT line....many new buildings have their grand opening coinciding with the opening of new LRT, or shortly after.

Once construction started on Red Hill, it was mere months before all the big box, residential sprawl, strip plazas began construction. Thousands of homes opened to the public literally at the same time the highway opened. More big box began construction before the highway was complete.

The city keeps telling us that there is this huge line-up of industrial/manufacturing companies just itching to have Red Hill built (too late for that argument now I guess) so they can locate at the Linc/Red Hill interchange. Talk is cheap (espcially out of a biased and paid-off city hall crew).

If there was ANY interest at all, we'd see industrial plants coming on stream, under construction or close to opening now.

It always happens that way with LRT lines and is currently happening with our own Red Hill - by the parties who we ALWAYS knew were going to build there. Not employment firms, but more sprawl.

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