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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted March 31, 2008 at 13:49:09

It is inevitable that some year, Earth Day will be "no single occupancy vehicle day" and the benefits of saving gas and decreasing pollution will be nothing compared to the eureka moment of "Wow, I got to work today so quickly and easily!". I think you need to see several birds with one stone before there is widespread buy-in to environmental causes.

One of those missed birds was the dark sky initiative. It would have been pretty easy to delay the streetlights for an hour and flick off the neon signs if anybody wanted to have some noticeable effect.

Thom, I have to disagree about individuals, it's exactly things like earth hour that we need to target harmful individual behaviour, corporations are subject to so much more reduction options by way of regulation that they are actually easier prey. Individuals are the main problem now for emissions (due to transportation growth above economic and population growth), although as you say, corporations are the big culprit for energy use.

When significant numbers of people walk, bike, and eat locally, that would have a huge effect on corporations by way of both shame and responding to market demand which is just the collective of individual actions.

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