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By Superman (registered) | Posted March 31, 2008 at 13:08:59

As far as air traffic and mass movement of goods, I'd like to see research that you've done on what Boeing and Airbus have done to increase efficiency of their jet engines. If you're pet scientist are so concerned about global warming, why do they fly old jets that emit more carbon than any modern day jetliner and only carry a handful of people? Give me a break!
Here let me do some for you! GE has engines that are used on the 7E7 Dreamliner which should be in service sometime this year that use 20 percent less fuel than those currently in use.
Or perhaps your sitting on a method of transporting goods from other continents using some process that is cleaner than all current modes of transport? Maybe an electric pulse driven trailer car running through a tunnel several hundred meters below the ocean surface? News flash, ships and trains are incredible polluters, perhaps not in carbons but in particulate matter which in my view is worse for my breathing!
Don't worry, as gas prices go up, air carriers will adapt finding more efficient engines to use on planes...maybe even developing brand new technology to fly them or the use of alternative fuels! Necessity breeds invention and by absolutely no means will air travel suffer in fact I'd guess that it will increase.

I don't know much about the aerotropolis but I do know a significant amount aircraft and about most other civil technolgies... As such I cant comment directly on the plan for Aerotropolis however, from the little I know about it, it seems that having those who are going to use the goods close to the point of entry makes sense because it cuts down on transportation from the point of entry to the end user.

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