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By Superman (registered) | Posted March 31, 2008 at 12:57:15

"Global warming" is no longer happening. It should actually be called "climate change". Using 1998 as a reference point, the average temperature has decreased and using 2002 as a reference point the average temperature hasn't changed. Numbers-wise, humanity would have to double the GHG we currently emit to increase the average temperature by one degree. Nature seems to be much more robust than originally thought and it seems to have adapted to the additional stuff thrown at it. For more information, go to ABC radio's website and listen to a Counterpoint interview by Mike Duffy with biologist Jennifer Marohasy who attended the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change. The reason it was thought that humans would have to decrease our carbon footprint by 70-80 percent is because we emit barely enough to make a difference. NASA launched the Aqua satellite in 2002 and the data is just now becoming available and climatologists and the meteorologists are still digesting the information. Global warming could possibly take place...but thinking that humans can affect it is as much as the dire predictions from current climate models is not to bright!

At the 2008 ICCC, 70% in attendance thought global warming was happening, only 41% thought it was due human causes and only 19% thought it was a cause for great concern. There were predictions by that hardly anyone would show up....200 scientists from many countries showed up. Perhaps alarmism should stop and instead take a more methodical approach to addressing climate CHANGE. Stop thinking that humans have the power to do anything they want... So-called skeptics aren't as stupid as alarmists seem to think. It takes balls to think on your own and not listen to whatever your told by quack fruitfly-specialist-turned-environmentalist and media-hound politicians!

Also as far as the RHCE is concerned, perhaps you'd rather have all the people who use it now idling on 20 while they wait for the traffic lights to change? It seems you mix two issues. The fact that we have most likely reached peak oil and global warming. The two are not connected. If you start to go on about how air quality sucks, I'm all for it. But don't even start with the "global warming" crap.

Jason I'd like to see any project where immediately after a highway was built, industrial development immediately sprouted up. That almost never happens. Has the zoning for the land changed? Are there any businesses currently eyeing the land? Have any corporations shown interest? That's the important part. Only once lands are devoloped and serviced will smart businesses start to look at it as a viable place to move. The stupid thing took forever to build why the heck would you think that there'd be development there already? As a businessman it'd make little sense to even think about doing it until all the development is inked out in that area.

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