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By Ken (anonymous) | Posted November 12, 2006 at 20:01:52

Say Jason, I'm obviously not up on the details here since I'm sitting 1000 miles away, but it seems to me that you overlook the counter argument of the economic development crowd and may unfairly characterize their position. Their counter argument is that in order to address the other half dozen things that citizens prefer money needs to be gotten from somewhere. Therefore, economic development has to be a priority. As for economic development being equivalent to more pavement, I disagree. No doubt many in favor of economic development see it this way and they need to be countered on this point, but economic development is actually possible without it. In fact, I believe that in most cases the better economic development happens without more pavement. This I suspect is the fight you want to wage--yes economic development but no pavement--and on this I'm with you 100%.

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