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By Asher (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2008 at 10:33:14

Thank heaven someone finally agrees with me. All I can see from Earth Hour is that it allows SUV-drivers to act smug and say they care about the environment.

I have actually had arguments with SUV drivers who feel that turning off their lights for an hour means they care. I left my lights on during Earth hour, and I watched movies on my tv. And I still used less energy than an SUV driver.

Earth Hour is little more than a band-aid applied to our environmental wounds. While the Spec claims that:

"...Earth Hour is a worthwhile effort. It is a gesture, but one that aims to change consciousness - and if it does that even a little, it will be valuable."

I see it from the other angle: If Earth Hour convinces a gas-guzzling, SUV driving, plastic water bottle purchasing person that they are "helping", it will let them ignore everything they do that harms the environment.

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