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By JT (anonymous) | Posted March 28, 2008 at 16:06:12

Hey cats

There are still no frequencies on which the CBC can broadcast in Hamilton. So far as I know, no local stations intend on selling theirs.

Several months ago, the CBC was talking to CFMU about sharing airtime. They wanted to base a small staff in our offices and broadcast mornings and lunchtimes. I should point out that, even with this arrangement, there wasn't to be any real "Hamilton-centric" programming - just more Hamilton content in a wider-based program - unless the funding went through.

It looked like a good way for the Ceeb to get a foot in the Hamilton door, and to raise our own profile to boot. We'd even reached a point of discussing programming and doing a tech brief.

Sadly the whole thing stopped. Ted Kennedy called to tell us with new management positions, the amalgamation of the TV & Radio sections, and a possible federal election, that the local radio initiative had been shelved (temporarily or for good, we don't know). So Hamilton remains at the top of their list, but so far as we understand, the list is back in the drawer. As for what they have decided to do since then (I think this was Jan/Feb if I recall), I can't say. The last time I talked to Ted, this was the situation.

James @ CFMU

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