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By sloanrox (registered) | Posted November 11, 2006 at 09:59:02

Citizen -

Fred Spencer does have some good ideas. I would welcome a straight shooter on council.

However, like I said in my original post, these types of communications during an election run amount to basically a job interview. I am not trying to be a grammar nazi...just stating the obvious.

Citizen, when you go to a job interview, do you not proof read your resume before you hand it over?

I don't hate you if (or because) you like Mr. Spencer. I was just stating an opinion, like you also have.

I will say this though...this article is the first mention I have seen of any of Mr. Spencer's campaign platforms. I have seen precious few of his signs, I couldn't tell you what he looks like, and I haven't received any literature from him. So to belabour my point, am I supposed to vote for Mr. Spencer based on the 'resume' he provided here?

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