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By MediaWatch (anonymous) | Posted March 14, 2008 at 10:08:20

For once I must disagree with the learned Mr. Statius. It isn't just a question of looking after the infirm. We do that already through many health and related programs. The issue is about imposing a level taxation for a problem that doesn't in the main exist. Sure all would like the ultimate in service and perhaps sidewalk snow clearing might be appropriate. The question is can we afford it. Snow is a seasonal inconvenience. Sidewalks are for the most part cleared. Let's deal with the exception, rather than making rules for all that don't apply.

AS for Jason's road hating rants. Jason, even those who don't have cars need roads. Where do buses travel? Where do ambulances travel? Where do trucks who stock grocery stores travel? How about school buses? Your analogy is woefully limited, as usual.

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