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By Locke (registered) | Posted November 10, 2006 at 11:43:41

Ryan, I think Jason and I both understood what you were getting at and even the reason for the over-generalization. I just wanted to make sure we poked the notion that churches are closed to debate in the eye.

Jason, as to how we got here from a discussion of technology and science? Well, Ted started us off by saying: Science, We Need You Back -- People have lost the ability to think now that they are firmly in the grip of the cult of technology.

Someone subsequently equated this with faith and religion, but as Ted point out, it is cults which demand we not ask questions. While most churches do have a core set of beliefs or a statement of belief, even this will often evolve through (albeit sometimes formal) debate.

In any case, I've been most intriqued by Jevons Paradox Ryan mentions. I suppose this means that even as I replace my regular lightbulbs with CFL and LED replacements, I'm likely to just use them more. I can see this happening already. Just wait until I can buy an electric car...

Which brings up another interesting point: The energy loss from generation to the point of use which Ted noted in his article. It seems to reason then that the promise of electrical generation at or close to the point of use would be an ideal model... or in the case of my future electric car, at or close to the point where I'm charging my batteries. :)

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