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By jason (registered) | Posted November 09, 2006 at 16:24:25

I think you make a good point Ryan - science and religion are different. Although, the Bible is the most historcally proven document in history - for all the science nuts. They are different things, yet are related. In college I took a course called 'Science and Religion'. It was fascinating. The problem is, some 'scientists' do themselves a diservice by trying to refute historic claims, such as the one I shared above about the Bible. If they would instead take the Bible and it's various discussions on history, human nature, creation etc....they would see science all over the place. After all, where did the laws of nature/science originate??

One other thing - I'd like to know what kind of churches you guys have been to if you've encountered enraged ministers and congregations by simply asking questions?? I presume you're talking about churches in Western nations. I'd question any church that won't listen to someone's questions or concerns and try to answer them in a proper manner. Being a Christian I consider it a privilege to answer questions people may have. I realize that faith does come into play and there are some things we'll never know here on earth, but most questions and misunderstandings about my faith can be answered quite easily.

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