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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted November 09, 2006 at 15:14:52

And perhaps this is a fundamental difference between Science and Religion...? Scientists challenge each other and test their theories dilligently. Religious folks take the current body of religious evidence at face value, do not question it, and do not add to it. And when you ask them 'Why Not?' they say, 'because I have faith'...

And how 'proven' is that current body of religious evidence? It seems to me (and I haven't done a lot of homework on this I'll admit)that it's mainly based on various historical documents found in various parts of the world. As evidence goes this seems pretty weak to me.

I have many friends who are religious and even ultra-religious and I fail to understand why they do not continue to question and test their beliefs as scientists do. Why do they discount science on the basis of flaky notions of flawed testing procedures and different definitions of 'truth'?

I have a hard time understanding this, especially as my religious friends are very intelligent individuals, but I'm doing my best!


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