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By teahouse (anonymous) | Posted March 04, 2008 at 18:42:56

We ( in Hamilton ) seem to love to live in a time warp. We see very progressive ideas and development all around us in every other community. Why can't we embrace some new / different / creative ?? Having been born on the mountain and lived 17 years in other parts of the country, I returned 6 years ago to live in the brow area ( my choice ) .I am chagrined at our leaders who have NO VISION and no GUTS to embrace change. Whether it is Downtown, Sports teams, the Mac site or the old Chedoke Hospital grounds, all I hear is the wailing of " let's keep it the way it is " or the echo of "keep the new concepts away from Hamilton".. Gosh,what a novel idea ! wouldn't that be better for all us ? more taxes / more jobs /more pride in our city .. Time to raise the flag and be proud .. Maybe the outside world will take an interest is us ??
Half of our councilloers are wannabe Mayors who show no leadership in ruuning this city and more concerned with their personal agendas !
Back to this Made in Missisauga solution of 500 acres of brownfield,, why is it making headlines ??? because of people working together/ compromising and having a mayor and aldermen that are intent on keeping their city livable and progreesive.The province has new buiding and intensification ideas and so does Hamilton .. but do you read about this from any city hall reports? Time for all of us to start yelling for action.
Kudos to whoever stared this blog / etc.. been reading it for the last year/ better info here than my councillors newsletters

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