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By Frank (registered) | Posted February 28, 2008 at 10:20:26

I have one big problem with this - why should I give the government more of my hard earned money when the money I already give them through taxes is spent frivolously or "lost"? Just because the finance minister says it's "earmarked" for environmental research or whatever she said doesn't mean it's actually going to get there! Let's face it, there are always ways to make things sound environmentally friendly-after all, if I fix a road I'm improving traffic flow and that's environmentally friendly isn't it?

Also, this is a knee-jerk reaction by a FINANCE minister to address ENVIRONMENTAL issues. Media has portrayed cars as the evil cause of global warming and if we all walked or cycled it'd get better when in actual fact that's not even the best way to approach a solution to the problem (and it's a very real possibility that global warming can only be slowed, not reversed) It's about time that decision makers sit down and do some real research and not rely on media hype generated by hypocritical politicians (Al) and fruit fly speshialists (David)! Read the Kyoto Accord, research what real scientists have to say about the issue and formulate a multifaceted approach that will have a real affect on the environment, not provide a band-aid "solution" that makes the public feel better.

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