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By jason (registered) | Posted February 25, 2008 at 09:06:32

hey Gump...not sure who you're referring to (all comments have been good on this blog) but I'm interested to hear your ideas to "move effortlessly through town" in ALL modes of transportation. Walking, cycling, transit and vehicles. And by the way, nobody is calling for massive congestion....Look at James St. It takes an extra 2 minutes to drive this strip during rush hour than it did before the conversion. I still consider that flowing effortlessly through town. I would like to see an extra 3-5 minutes added on the trip through downtown on both King and Main from Dundurn to Sherman. I would still consider that a great flow of traffic. Once that extra 3-5 minutes is added to the cars, we can get more transit riders and cyclists by having LRT and buses in their own lanes along with cycling lanes. Suddenly, all 3 of those modes are competitive with each other....and the vehicle is by far the most expensive. Then, I believe, we would see a good shift of people from their cars into the other modes.

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