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By Gump (anonymous) | Posted February 25, 2008 at 08:58:50

You know what that say about people who assume.... I don't drive, I have a bus pass, I cycle, I walk. My choice of travel doesn't keep me ignorant or dismissive of others.

"Congestion is a sign of health" ??....Not on my planet.

If you truly believe crawling traffic is the saviour of the city, there's plenty of other cities (you've mentioned them) you may be happier in.

I only want the major corridors to remain one way, and with that, enhance their pedestrian/cycling experience. If you convert them to 2 way, there won't be the room. If you had read my previous post, I'm for shutting down all traffic on King, Wellington to James. Main St and Cannon can serve the bulk of the traffic.

This is it for me, communication can only happen with receptive participants.

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