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By everywhere365 (anonymous) | Posted February 24, 2008 at 20:00:13

Hi all, I cycle or walk. sometimes run. We need bike lanes on Main & King & don't understand why not yet. funding? Safety should always be 1st and foremost over $$$.
As for 2 way streets. Yes & no. Yes is best but now we look both ways before crossing(get used 2 it) No is from a friend says it should've have remained 1 way(?)I forget his explantion or logic.
Cycling is bad for winter but overkill of salt(nothing but crap)ruins bicycles mechanics. And cars too. And roads for traffic(cars etc) over bike lanes or sidewalks because it seems "we' pedestrians/cyclists/walkers are second class citizens. true or not, sure seems that way when many roads aren't snow cleared(especially side roads/streets)and we are stuck to walk on roads and on our toes to watch behind traffic.
I don't object to bus transit. I somehow prefer cycling/walking and sometimes a run. it's healthy but too many drivers than need be especially the rush hour ideots and "what's the rush" Main?King etc? Heavy vehicles ruin roads. Not just weather. View any road less used by cars is evident.
i hate when cycling on snowy unshovelled uncleared snow roads when cars behind me when some moron drivers mouth off at me "get on the Fn sidewalk or move over!" I never take that crap from drivers. Fortunately I can defend myself verbally and if necessary, self defensively. been lucky none physical last while but most talk/listen or simply ruse or ignorant.
Critical Mass all the way! ironically, cyclists do have more rights to the roads than drivers.But, evidence seems to prove otherwise. Too much favouritism towards drivers.......

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