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By jason (registered) | Posted February 24, 2008 at 14:29:01

now we're getting somewhere. Our goals are clearly stated.

Yours - "I want to get around the city as effortlessly as possible" I assume you mean in a single occupancy vehicle, and not on a bus or bike.

Mine - I want downtown Hamilton to be full of commerce, business and streetlife. If creating that environment happens to add 5 minutes onto the 'effortless' zip through town for all the single occupancy vehicles, so be it.

It's time we stop hijacking the success and future of our downtown (and entire city by extension) just to keep cut-through drivers happy. Drivers who are never going to walk the streets or shop the shops. They are at the bottom of the list in my books when considering all the various people, businesses and effects of creating a pedestrian friendly downtown. Sorry, but that's just the facts. Imagine if TO started demolishing buildings and widening roads to accommodate all the cars in Mississuaga and Markham?
It would be stupid for them to do that....and it's stupid for us to continue to do that when we clearly know better. the single occupancy car cutting through downtown from the suburbs is like item #1,346 on the list of considerations in the future of our city. They'll find another way around as I mentioned in the original blog. They always do.

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