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By gump (anonymous) | Posted February 24, 2008 at 09:45:05

I don't live in Ottawa, Manhatten, Boston, NY or Toronto, and I don't care to. I want to get around my city as effortly as possible, why import traffic problems from other cities? Traffic jams don't equal successful cities. Does slow moving traffic give you the perception of "a happening place"?....not me. I shudder watching the morning gridlock of all the unfortunate people that have to commute. There are so many options to create a more friendly pedestrian/cycling environment then creating more pollution with idling cars. Two way streets in the core, have almost eliminated street parking, (to the delight of the vast number of Toronto owned parking lots in the city), STOP adding to the excuses of Hamiltonians to avoid the downtown at all cost....carrot, or stick?

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