Comment 1919

By jason (registered) | Posted November 07, 2006 at 09:00:35

Ted, you're right...this piece was nothing like the Braden stuff he does. Let's see, the worst thing he says about Tony is that his speech is jumbled...well, isn't everyones? McHattie on the other hand is branded as a crazy socialist. To be specific - "smoked salmon socialist".

Now, if he had said Tony's support was among "mafia rich pasta eaters", I'd be fine. lol.

Hamilton's media always looks for chances to brand someone a nut-job lefty in order to knock down the vote count. In some cities that would be a compliment, but not here - and Dreschel knows it. It isn't just him...check out the recent CHML story about CAN being a 'left leaning citizens group'. The media doesn't care if that's not true, as long as people believe it.

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