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By jason (registered) | Posted February 23, 2008 at 14:22:27

"traffic has to move".

well, we're certainly experts at that! Go stand along Cannon or Main and tell me how many days, months or years you have to wait to see your first traffic jam (not caused by a blizzard or accident - just due to slow volume). It's funny how in Hamilton "traffic has to move!" is our mantra, yet all of us bundle into our cars and go to Toronto to enjoy a 'real city' with a 'vibrant downtown' which interestingly enough includes incredible traffic jams all day, every day. If you're theory is correct, then Hamilton should be the city with booming business and commerce. Toronto should be boarded up and dead as a doorknob if slow traffic equals no business or commerce. Go to Byward Market in Ottawa, anywhere in Manhattan, Boston's North End ( narrow streets, virtually no parking and shockingly, booming business in 200 restaurants, shops and cafes) or any other successful retail district in a North American downtown - big or small- and I promise you two things. You'll see throngs of people. And you won't see 5-lane streets with timed lights, skinny sidewalks, huge transport trucks flying past 24-7.
NYC is the only city on the continent that has HAD to use 3 to 5 lane one-ways and if you've ever been there you'll likely have stories of going 3 blocks in 45 minutes.

I think we understand these concepts in Hamilton (Hamiltonians are a well-travelled bunch who seem to come back from bustling cities all ticked off at our own)....we just don' want to implement them here. It's a sad reality when citizens of a city reach the point of not caring at all for their own town and future.

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