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By gump (anonymous) | Posted February 23, 2008 at 09:33:43

Ambiance and vibe? I walked James north on Monday (family day) from King to Burlington St.. There's more than one thing changed than the two way conversion. You don't have to go back to the mid 1900's for a more vibrant James north, 20 years ago would do. I was so disheartened by the closed up stores, deteriorating buildings and all round desolate look and feel of the area.
Hamilton's not a village, it's a medium sized city. Niche shopping areas such as Locke, Hess, Westdale etc. are great, and I'd love to see more. But reality is, Hamilton is a city, people have to get around efficiently, major east/west, north/south corridors HAVE to be available, not only for the city dwellers, but for commerce access to the "niche" type businesses,and I believe the major corridors should remain one way. How can you encourage people to utilize these unique shopping districts when you impede access? Best to start with a more user friendly transit system I'd say, one that encourages usage and rewards frequent users....but I digress....
Hamilton is not Hobbitville, traffic has to move!

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