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By TOMKINITE (anonymous) | Posted February 22, 2008 at 12:31:43

>>Yes it does. It can support much higher densities than we currently see along the Mac-Eastgate corridor. Within the large range of densities an LRT line can support, it can scale up by adding more and longer vehicles. Naturally, it is most cost effective per ride at the highest density it can support.
I can agree with that.

>>In addition, LRT itself attracts investment in new developments at an appropriate density (i.e. developers build around LRT lines in a manner that maximizes their allocative efficiency by establishing an intensificiation that the service can support).
I agree.

>>The city has already extensively studied locations for higher order transit, and the Mac-Eastgate corridor (the route of the current B-Line, a kind of BRT-lite) is the prime location. A second higher order route has been proposed from James through Upper James to the airport.
These routes would be great.

>>LRT is not a passive mode, and nor is it a zero sum game. By making infrastructure decisions, the city influences how and where development occurs.

Build a highway outside the city, and development will occur at low densities on land accessible to the highway.

Build a light rail line inside the city (at a lower price per kilometre, mind you), and development will occur at higher densities on land within the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) corridor - approximately 400 m to either side of the line, or the maximum distance that the average person will walk to a transit station.
I believe each city has a magnitude to which this sort of transportation will absorb. I'm curious the degree in which Hamilton would benefit (not just transport-wise, but with image of the city, etc). I'm excited to see what the outcome may be.

>>Why? Since the province is offering to pay the capital costs, I would assume that LRT would be the same price as a bus.

>> In any case, an LRT line could help pay for itself simply by increasing the business tax assessment along the route. If we compare with other cities that have invested in light rail, Hamilton could expect up to $100 million a year in new assessment on TOD.
Interesting. Good ROI on TOD? :)

>>Again, you're using simple, binary reasoning to model a complex system.
Tsk. Tsk. I think an open mind is all that is needed in accomplishing great strategies.

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