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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted November 06, 2006 at 14:21:19

The lack of substance in Drescels columns is startling. I recall an e-mail exchange I had with him during the last municipal election, when he referred to Mayoral candidate David Christopherson's arguments as being, 'more mist than clarity' I asked him what exactly he meant by this and his responses were equally vague.

I actually like Drescels style of 'reporting'. It reminds me of the British tabloid style - lots of quips and quirky phrases and most of all - saying what you mean. But he needs to be balanced out. A Jeff Mahoney or Bill Dunphy would almost certainly take a different tack and provide a good counterpoint.

It's interesting that the very approach used to formulate your blog - i.e. by tackling the argument, line by line - is one that is rarely used by Drescel himself. It's OK to say what you mean and say it with flair, but you need to build a coherent argument otherwise you're just making s**t up.

If there's anyone who is guilty of being 'more mist than clarity' it's Drescel himself.


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