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By (anonymous) | Posted November 04, 2006 at 04:07:32

Quote: "1. Preserve the unique character of Ancaster especially the village core heritage concept."
This is a good idea, except much of it is already gone, & much of the western old core of Ancaster was destroyed when the 2 Wilson St W. plazas, west of Fiddler's Green were built. What about the neighbourhoods west of the heritage core? The 2 new condo developments have raised so much ire in the core area, but many new condo sites are slated to be built west of Fiddler's Green with hardly so much as a grimace (or at least a reported one) from local residents.
No debate, no grumbling...the signs just appear like mushrooms after a rainstorm, & soon so do the construction crews.
Is West Ancaster so much more disposable that the core? We are going to have to live with gridlock on Wilson St, more infrastructure requirements, more overcrowding in schools, more demands for park & recreational facilities, more & more sprawl into farm lands, a generally less desirable environment to live in, & lower property values.
Dundas, Burlington, & Waterdown have taken a lead in good town heritage core develoment. There are attractive, diverse stores within old buildings with character & architectural integrity in tact. It's (almost?) too late for that in central Ancaster, & absolutely too late west of Fiddler's Green. We have developed & paved our heritage. So now what?

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