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By transitory (anonymous) | Posted February 16, 2008 at 21:08:50

I agree that LRT would be a huge boon to the lower city in particular, and it would be a worthy addition to the MoveOntario 2020 fabric.

LRT is definitely preferable to BRT, but I'm still a little confused by the either/or talk about BRT. I got the impression that Queen's Park had only allocated a portion of the $17.5 billion to date. Specifically, $25M or so for two BRT lines, one east-west, one north-south. If the City took those funds and applied it to LRT, you'd have a shuttle from McMaster to Macklin (McMaster U to Eastgate Square is something like 13km, requiring a larger investment... going by Spacing's recent estimates on line costs, $160M-$500M). If more provincial funds follow, we're in luck. But transit is still a political football, so maybe it's better to have BRT making inroads while our politicians lobby like hell for the money it'll take to do LRT right.

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