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By jason (registered) | Posted October 30, 2006 at 14:09:52

the city probably put it 'on hold' after seeing the huge success on James North and South. They don't want King, Main or too many other streets downtown to experiece and full-out revival or the business owners on these streets would actually become strong voices at city hall and demand that the urban core stop subsidizing sprawl. We can't have that. If downtown stops subsidizing sprawl, who will?? Don't even suggest the residents or developers....we know that'll never happen.

Yea, I read that Spec piece and felt the need to check the date on the front of my it 2006 or 1956?? They've got "one way streets for newbies".... um, I don't think any Hamiltonians are 'newbies' when it comes to one-way streets anymore.

Also funny that they converted the entire system in one night in the 50's. Apparently now you and I are so stupid that they have to do tiny sections at a time spread out over decades. No, we really are - check out the new left turn signals at James South. After several accidents where people suddenly forgot how to drive, we had to pay for left turn signals at St Joes Drive. Perhaps a lot of people should have been made to get their license again instead of blaming 'two way streets'.

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