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By Baystreeter (anonymous) | Posted February 07, 2008 at 11:18:14

Some folks are missing the point...the deterioration is a package deal....'scary people' some of whom accost journalists walking the downtown beat; the lack of cleanliness; the sorry state of the downtown wrecks; the overabundance of group homes and 'social service' centers; the lack of enough people who actually live in the core, shop in the core and play in the core; all of these lend to the perception/reality of an abandoned wasteland.
It isn't of course, but if you go there at night it sometimes seems so.
All the pontificating in the world or railing at the loss of civil liberties isn't going to improve the situation; only strong, concerted action will.
Rudy Giuliani was right: fix the broken windows and the graffitti; get rid of the scary people; have a police presence; encourage commerce and recreation; and the downtown will come back.

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